a 2002 graduate of Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, created WVG from a vision in 2008. His legacy lives on, “Improving the lives of pets and their humans”.


Dr. Mike graduated with a doctor of veterinary medicine from Ross University in 2002. Dr. Mike Rushed into veterinary ownership with a “spirit with a vision” that began with a housecall practice out of the back of his Toyota Tacoma. He bought Animal Birth Control in Lomita on April 1, 2008, renaming it Western Veterinary Group and eventually relocating to Torrance. Today, WVG cares for every pet that comes through the doors with the same kindness and compassion for which Dr. Mike was known.

Dr. Mike slipped through a crack in the universe on December 9, 2017, well before his time. He will be forever loved and forever missed in the hearts of animals and their owners everywhere.