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2022 Update:
Dear 4Ever Foundation and WVG Friends and Family,

In 2015 when Dr. Mike Zareski took the lead on the nonprofit 4Ever Foundation, the mission was “to provide a loving, caring, and nurturing environment for homeless pets in our community while we connect them with their 4Ever homes.” To that end, our 4Ever cats lived cage-free in our trailer building located in the Western Vet Group parking lot where they were loved, cared for, and socialized by our wonderful volunteers Dana and Greg, and our WVG staff.

Today, we are so pleased to share that all the 4Ever cats have been matched with their 4Ever homes. Most of the 4Ever cats still continue to visit Western Vet Group for their medical care which is covered by the 4Ever Foundation.

We have big plans for the 4Ever Foundation. The trailer building has been donated, and we will soon expand the name of the foundation to the Michael Zareski 4Ever Foundation. Funds raised will always continue to benefit animals by providing financial assistance towards medical care for pets in need. And, over time, it is our goal to also expand Mike’s foundation to support efforts close to his heart and ours, including the Skid Row Running Club, ocean education and surfing organizations for Los Angeles kids who have never seen the beach, and widows and children who have lost a parent.

Mike’s far-reaching empathy and compassion are an affirmation of the human capacity for good and grace in our daily moments. Please continue to honor him in your interactions, friendships, and relationships with both furry and non-furry beings. We invite you to renew your partnership with the Michael Zareski 4Ever Foundation by showing your support here: https://westernvetgroup.com/4ever_foundation/.

Thank you for keeping Mike’s legacy strong and meaningful. Your help makes a true difference.


The Michael Zareski 4Ever Foundation